Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.
— John Wooden | UCLA Basketball Coach

Specializing in custom home construction, Paparone & Rollins works with a refined network of architects, interior designers, subcontractors, local craftsmen, and landscape architects from across the Lowcountry to bring the finest quality product and service to customers.

We work hand in hand, from start to finish with our clients to provide them the highest customer service – whether choosing a Homesite, Architect, or Financial Institution. As locals of the Lowcountry, we have developed relationships with the key partners necessary for a smooth construction process. We are here to seamlessly make your dream home come to life.

Our company networks with the design build community throughout the year keeping up on trends and creating a vetted list of architects & designers to refer to clients.  As a result, we are happy to refer an architect or designer to you based on desired home style & neighborhood, but often work with clients who already have engaged an architect and have drawings.  Bringing a builder into the process sooner than later, is the most proactive way to collaborate with the team early and value engineer plans, saving you money in your budget.  In addition, we offer fully designed plans for those clients in need of a "fast-track" build.